Where to use Bugslock

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Bugs Lock could be used by:

  • Parents with kids during outdoor activities
  • Outdoor sports clubs like fishing, mountain climbing and golf, etc.
  • Pet owners
  • Soldiers, policemen and those engaged in security related industry
  • Merchants selling the goods outdoor
  • Farmers
  • Large size vehicle drivers such as bus and truck, etc.
  • For public relations of companies (insurance companies, travel agencies, automobile companies, oil companies, hotels, tourist resorts, etc.)
  • Any Outdoor activity, not involving water
  • Outdoor barbecue parties
  • Fasten Bugslock with adjustable push fastener
  • On wrist or ankle
  • Picnic table pole Knapsack belt
  • Chair or Table leg
  • In the Car
  • Necklace

How to use Bugslock

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  1. First of all, tear Bugs Lock package along with upper dotted line.
  2. Take out the product by opening zipper.
  3. Set button into the hole located with slightly enough space to meet the thickness of user’s own wrist or ankle.
  4. Long-term storage can be secured if only user closes zipper after inserting product into package, in case of storing again after use for a fixed time period.
  5. When not using, put back into packaging and seal zipper.
  6. Store in a dry place until next usage.
  7. Bugs Lock can be used up to a total time out of the packaging for up to 15 Hours.

The Company

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Bugslock is a mosquito controlling product, made to repel mosquitoes using 100% natural aromas. Bugslock is a creative and band shaped product, which prevents mosquito from approaching by wearing it on the wrist or ankle, where the Bugslock band emits an aroma that the insect can’t stand. As it is small in design and easy to carry, it is usable at anytime, thus it is considered a very convenient product. Plus, it is a safe product, which can be used even by infants, in other worlds, all age groups can use it because it is made of non-toxic substances, DEET FREE.

Bugslock is an elegant product with its various colors and refined designs, hence, it can be used as a form of accessory for women and also a fun children’s wear item.

Global Network

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America latina: Venezuela

Bangladesh-Business area: Bangladesh

HongKong-Business area: HongKong

Tahiti-Business area: Polynesia

Turkey-Business area: Turkey, Northern Turkish Republico f Cyprus, Israel,
Greece, Switzerland, Ukraine, Iran, Moldova Republick.
Iraq an egypt.

USA: USA, Canada.