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Bugslock is a mosquito controlling product, made to repel mosquitoes using 100% natural aromas. Bugslock is a creative and band shaped product, which prevents mosquito from approaching by wearing it on the wrist or ankle, where the Bugslock band emits an aroma that the insect can’t stand. As it is small in design and easy to carry, it is usable at anytime, thus it is considered a very convenient product. Plus, it is a safe product, which can be used even by infants, in other worlds, all age groups can use it because it is made of non-toxic substances, DEET FREE.

Bugslock is an elegant product with its various colors and refined designs, hence, it can be used as a form of accessory for women and also a fun children’s wear item.

About 2 million peoples reportedly die of malaria each year. The main reason for it includes the increase of the number of mosquito in a geometric progress because of the decay of the natural environment and the lengthening of the mosquito’ life span due to global temperatures rising.

We have been using many kinds of insecticides for the last several decades so that we may be protected from the mosquito’ bite. It has, however, had the negative side effect of ruining the environment in the process. And it has produced a variant of mosquito that carry new strains of sickness. Under these circumstances, we have needed to develop some new products, which will not produce harmful side effects to both the environment and humans, not to mention, they can set us free of the mosquito’ bite.

Since some ten years ago, their has been intensive research carried out in some of the advanced countries to develop the products. Though Hannaeeum Inc.’s Bugslock has been developed somewhat belatedly, it has been recognized in its quality within the global market, thus allowing the firm to compete fairly with advanced countries’ many other related products, and, thus, the products have been shipped to 10 or so overseas countries.

Now, the Bugslock, a global first class product, is now more widely accessible to worldwide customers.

Furthermore, it is considerably convenient to carry because it can be portable if only you simply wear it at your wrist or ankle, and because it is small and completely sealed.